The 2016-2017 Racing season Finale!!

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Our Champions!!






sport 4






Snapshots video from Awards Night March 28



Fan Appreciation Day March 25

March 24, 2017


The last race of the 2017 season March 19.

The video is 10 minutes long but some great footage.  Stay on until the end to see Pete Gray blow his top!!


The second video is by Pete Gray, of his semi.


March 21, 2017

videos from our last races


This is a slide show of Candid Pictures that Bob took last week...

some of them are really great portraits...some not so much!



To be a track Marshall you have to be light on your feet!







March 8, 2017

Election Results:


President..Paul Sterkowitz

Track Director and Training Director..Carl Thoene

Race Director..Peter Dahl

All are two year terms expiring in March of 2019




Race Day #9 on March 5th..a video by Pete Gray




January 21 2017

 Race day #2




January 14 2017

The First Race of the 2017 Championship Season



A drones eye view of the 4wd "A" Main Race and Last Man Standing race!


(this video was taken by Glen Cameron, a guest of a Fun N Sunner)




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