The Unexpected Last Race of the Season

202o Zoomer Racing Proceedures


first video on the new channel..A tour of the Zoomers racing facility

Summer upgrades

Sunset at the Fun N Sun Speedway
speedway at sunste

Trail Driving (a video by Pete Gray)

Racing under the Lights

"The Zoomers on TV News Channel 4"

"The Work Party"

There is a new RC track being built just west of Harlingen.

This looks to be a real humdinger. Norm Peterson sent an email about it.
Click here to see Norm's email.

July 24, 2018

Peter Gray sent this video of his latest RC efforts

Pictures from the recent storm:

**** March 31
The Latest Track Layout
birds eye view


March 18, 2018
The last race of the 2018 spring season
video by Bob Ross

slide show by Bob Ross

March 9, 2018
Night Racing and testing the experimental wooden jump.

Peter Gray testing the ramp with several cars

February 15 2018
The Dodds and the Renickers decorated these Mardi Gras Floats...they won a prize for us.

February 10, 2018
Beginning the new Rock Crawler Course

January 14, 2018
Dusty action on a windy day at the track

January 21, 2018
We are well into the 2018 racing season
Check out Peter Dahls video.

December 10 2017
Sundays in December, we are "practice" Racing.
This video was taken by our Park Manager, John V.

December 8, 2017

June 12, 2017

We are well into the summer season at Fun N Sun.  We are still racing for an hour or so each Saturday night. We usually have 8 -10 drivers show up. Five or six are regular racers and the rest are drivers who don't usually race with us during the winter season. There are a few loyal fans as spectators as well.
 Bob K, Tall Paul and Carl are doing a great job taking care of the track and the grounds.  Last Saturday the track was in the best shape that I have seen it all year.

Hope you are checking your local tracks up north to bring back some ideas for us next season.

Pete Gray is up in Canada and sent this video of three of his trucks out driving on the trails in the "frozen" north.


May 6, 2017, 

Fine tuning the track and other facilities.


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