(This is old stuff now! Of historical interest only!)

The Proposed New Track at Fun N Sun!
And the winner is......
track 18

track model

The estimated lap length (on the centerline of the track) is 644 feet, 192 feet of which is in the curves. If a car were to take the curves at 10 mph and do the straights at 40 mph, the time to do a lap would be around 48 seconds. This does not take into account  acceleration and deceleration. How accurate this estimate is, we will find out in the fall!

During the April 15 meeting,it was decided that whatever plan is selected, we will look at that plan and maybe develop, over the summer, a plan that can be modified so that beginners can run on a simplified course then be easily returned to a more challenging course for the experienced drivers thereby satisfying the needs of both. The way the track lanes are secured to the ground might make it a simple task to rearrange those lanes for both levels of drivers. A design that would allow both levels to run at the same time for practice is also a possibility. So be thinking along these lines over the summer months and if you come up with an idea be sure to send it to Bob before you forget it.

Pix of the site of our future track!


The white spot in the grass marks the outside corner of the  future drivers platform