August 14,2015

Pete sent in another video from last saturdays race at Sid's raceway in Ontario. They changed it up again with a lot of wooden constructions..seems like the cars spend more time in the air than they do on the ground!!



August 9, 2015

Pete Gray sent in these two videos.  The first was from back 0n June 20th and the second was just last week.

 Race Day at Sids Raceway, Ontario, Canada


Pete's Durango DESC10

( Pete's truck is really moving.   Notice how the track at Sid's Raceway has changed since the last video!!)

Bob R sent us this email video from far off California
(the birth place of the rc car hobby?)

The corrugated drain pipe for our lane barriers has arrived.

Most of the grass has been killed and scraping it off has started.

I made this drag-rake to be towed behind a golf cart. How effective it will be remains to be seen.
drag rake

Some thoughts on a hot sultry day in the valley...

The R/C hobby has many levels of interest.

1..just driving the cars around on the grass and parking lot, zipping along crashing and bumping into things.
2...Tinkering and getting into the technology, repairing our cars
3...getting into competitive racing and race organizaton.       
4...Track construction and maintenance                    
5...Modifying and updating the cars and personalizing them with custom paint jobs, etc.

We can do as little of that or as much of it as we want to do and still have fun doing it as long as the enthusiasm is there!

Jeeze, I need another drink!

Fun N Sun Speedway

Mike Green finished off the drivers platform with this great Sign!
sign close up

Mike, and helpers,Bob Durham, and Jerry Myers have done a remarkable job. Thanks Guys! We owe you!

I Couldn't Wait! Yesterday I had Marianna make a video of my trial run on the incomplete, ( no dirt, no lane markers) track.


My time was real slow, over a minute for one lap, because I was trying to remember where the lanes for design #18 were. I bet that the actual times will be less than half that. Click here to see some lap time estimates. Blew out another shock absorber before I started the run!

As of May 21, Al finished the electrics, and we took delivery of the fire hose, nozze and fire hose valve that we will need to water down the track between races.
fire hose

  Bob  came up with an idea for a black, white and Red patch that would look good on a billed hat or a jacket, and would make a good decal to put on our cars.

This ones for the Guys.


....and another one for the Gals


Bob's Golf Cart

bobs cart

"Tall" Paul has voluntered to be the Chairman of the Race Committee.  Paul may be short in stature but he is tall in enthusiasm!

Bruce has agreed to be Chairman of the Rules Committee. That's like putting the fox in charge of the hen house!..Ron Holmes will be on the committee in order to keep Bruce straight.

"These will be rules pertaining to the general use of the track and drivers platform, not racing rules..I think" says Bruce.
Ron Maeder has been drafted into a committee, we are not just sure which one yet.

"Sparky" Bob is still, thru no fault of his own, the defacto chairman of the Track Construction committee.  And all the rest of us are his committee.

Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.  Email  your input to

May 12, moving right along

Spiking the timbers
jerry spiking

bruce, resting

Al installing the electric boxes at the work  benches
al installing the electrics

Lupe instaling the plumbing for the fire hose that we will use to wet down the track!
"Thar she Blows"
thar she blows

"Gawd! Don't y'all wish ya were here?"
A Great View from the nearly completed Driver's Deck!
drivers deck


Construction has begun.

The first step was to remove the sand volley ball court.
new track1
Next up, Mike will start to build the drivers deck.


drivers deck 5-2-2014
We have been "scoping out" some of the local and not so local Rc Club  race tracks.

Harlingen has the "Gears" track. We watched some of the races ...

We went back the next week and tried it out ourselves and found it very challenging.(video by Bob)

The Penitas rc club invited us to try out their track at "Fountain at Penitas" RV  Park  7 miles west of Mission.

We had a great time and loved their track. It was more challenging than the track at Tropic Winds but still something that our group could handle. We got a lot of ideas for our own track.  Something we can grow into.
 (video by Bob)

Back home at FnS, Carl strapped his telephone on the top of his 4 wd and made this video.

(video by Carl)

Bob gave a  well recieved, 26 minute presentation about our club at one of the Tuesday Koffee Klatch's. Here is 3 minutes of it:

Tuesday,3-27, at Tropic Winds
tropic winds

Pictures of the Gears R/C Club Track in here

The Club Race in the Parking Lot

video by Marianna Nelson

Pictures of the Gears R/C Club Track in here

The Club at the Crafts Expo
The Club at the Mardi Gras Parade

video by Janet Nelson

Pictures by Grace Guido-Gray


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